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Administrative Essentials
Microsoft Office Tools for Administrative Professionals

3 Day Boot Camp

Finally a class designed specifically for the Administrative Professional. In this boot camp, you learn the most commonly needed administrative tools in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Plus we'll introduce you to OneNote, a great tool for quickly organizing everything on the go!

Full Course Description:

Do you want to be able to work smarter in all of the most commonly used Microsoft Office applications? In this 3 day boot camp you will learn about the different sort and filter tools, how to share and track changes, effectively complete a mail merge, and the different save options across Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You will also learn how to create formulas, tables, charts, organizational charts or other diagrams, and work across Microsoft applications by linking your data, charts, and tables.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, each student should have a general knowledge of Microsoft Office.

What is included?
Hands-On Training Quick Reference Guides CPE Credits
Instructor-Led Courses Courseware Book Lunch
Email Support for Questions Practice Files Free Giveaways

Microsoft Office Tools for Administrative Professionals (3 Days)

Course Objectives:

Learn to use mail merge to automatically produce letters, labels, and even emails to your clients
Organize your mail merge contacts using any of the Microsoft Office tools as a source: Word, Outlook, Excel and even Access
Explore Outlook options for easily organizing, sorting, and filtering your incoming email
Learn features that will help you keep track of the important emails and follow up items
Track and merge changes within your Word documents
Use styles and templates to make document creation easy and consistent
Use tools for quickly inserting logos, document parts, and other frequently used text
Create and design a PowerPoint presentation quickly and easily
Build a worksheet using several of the most common formulas in Excel
Share worksheets, link data, and save options across the Microsoft Applications
Produce a PDF directly from Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint
Link charts and tables to PowerPoint
Develop note taking and collaboration skills with OneNote


  Day 1:
Environment overview and shortcuts
Create groups and distribution lists
Add tasks, calendar, contacts
Sort, filter, conditional formats
Out of office assistant
Create signatures
Follow-up tracking
Search options
Organize contacts and use with mail merge
Environment overview and shortcuts
Format paragraphs and spacing
Use columns and text boxes for improved layout
Format document as lists and outlines
Find and replace
Control appearance with styles and templates
Compare and merge/ track changes
Tables and charts
Mail merge
  Day 2:
Environment overview
Save options
Format a worksheet
Cut and paste options
Autofill handle and series list
Perform calculations
Print a workbook
Headers and footers
Custom window layout
Tables and charts
Data sorting, filtering, grouping and creating subtotals
Link charts and tables to other Microsoft Applications
Work with linked data to other applications (Word, PowerPoint)
  Day 3:
Environment overview and shortcuts
Create a basic presentation quickly and easily
Slide design and layout
Play and customize slideshows
Flowcharts and diagrams
Create an organization chart
  Day 3:
Use OneNote to organize notes and lists
Environment overview of OneNote
Add content and formats to a OneNote notebook
Share and collaborate with shared notebooks


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