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Microsoft® Office Excel 365 New Features (Online)

Training Course Content

Course Summary: Excel 365 has many exciting new features which are not included in other versions of Office (2019 and earlier). These either have been a part of Excel 365 for years, or have been added through monthly updates to the software. In this class, students will learn how to use these new features to quickly analyze and chart data, identify what is in the Excel file, collaborate and apply new formats.

Course Prerequisite: Students should be familiar with how to navigate in Excel, as well as how to create charts and PivotTables.

Course Requirements: In order to ensure you have access to all functions taught in this class, be sure your Office 365 Account settings are set to Current Channel. If you have any questions about how to check for this, please be sure to contact us.

Lesson 1: Quickly Gain Insight into Your Data

  • The new Ideas Pane
  • Natural Language Queries
  • Workbook Statistics

Lesson 2: New Data Types

  • Geography
  • Stock
  • Build out specific data fields using these formats

Lesson 3: Collaboration using Excel

  • Automatic, real-time file saving
  • Comments and Notes

Lesson 4: Get & Transform Data Queries with Column Analysis

  • Profile Data in Query Editor
  • Use Column Quality to check for valid data, errors, or empty cells
  • Identify distinct and unique data with Column Profile

Lesson 5: New Charts in Excel 365

  • Waterfall Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Filled Map (2D Map)
  • Sunburst Chart
  • Treemap Chart
  • Box and Whisker Charts

Lesson 6: General Enhancements in Excel

  • Default Styles for PivotTables
  • Search PivotTable Fields
  • Automatic Relationship creation in Data Model for PowerPivot PivotTables
  • Save PowerPivot Relationship Diagram View
  • Publish to Power BI
  • Slicers for Tables
  • Import professional images
  • Import icons into Excel

Excel 365 Training Course Outlines

Excel 365 Core Features & Functions:

Excel 365 LV 1: Fundamentals of Excel
Excel 365 LV 2: Intermediate Functions & Features
Excel 365 LV 3: Advanced Tools &
Collaboration Features

Excel 365 LV 4: Advanced Functions

Excel 365 New Functions & Features:

Excel 365: New Functions & Formulas
Excel 365: New Features

Excel VBA Macros:

Excel 365 LV 5: Introduction To VBA Macros
Excel 365 LV 6: Advanced VBA Macros

Excel In-Depth Essentials:

Excel In-Depth: Charting Essentials
Excel In-Depth: PivotTable Essentials
Excel In-Depth: Advanced Excel Keyboarding

Excel Power Tools:

Excel Get & Transform (PowerQuery)
Excel PowerPivot Part 1
Excel PowerPivot Part 2




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