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Consulting & Development Services

  • Excel and Access Consulting
  • Application Development Using VBA
  • Power BI Desktop - Data Modeling and Report Building
  • PowerPoint Consulting and Assistance
  • Additional Solutions

Excel and Access Consulting

We can help you improve team efficiency and reduce wasted work hours. Our consultants can work directly with you and your personnel to help identify and solve Excel and Access related problems.
  • Are you having trouble building that critical end-all-be-all spreadsheet?
  • Are your important Excel documents or Access Reports broken?
  • Do you need one-on-one assistance customizing worksheets or databases?
  • Are you wondering if Excel or Access is the right tool for you?
We can help you with these types of issues as well as others. Our consultants are not only Excel experts, they are also business professionals. While working with you and your team, our consultants can help identify redundant manual tasks that should be eliminated or replaced by automated processes. Our consultants can also perform business process reviews, create mappings and implement checklists for your daily processes.

Application Development Using VBA

Utilize the full capabilities of Microsoft Office to automatically produce reports, exchange information between applications, convert detail, perform integrity checks, and execute repeated tasks.

Custom development is a great alternative for developing internal applications. Access, Excel, Outlook and Word applications can typically be developed rapidly and at a fraction of the cost of a full-scale development project. These applications also provide a familiar and robust interface for your users while utilizing Visual Basic for Applications as its programming back-end.

We can provide you with the customized functionality you need through customized Access databases, VBA macro's, drop-down menus Excel add-ins, and more. Call us to discuss your project.

Here's a sample of solutions made possible with VBA

  • Automate data collection from Outlook Emails to Excel Files and Access Databases
  • Create ledger entries from various source for GL uploads into Excel
  • Import AS400 reports and summarize only the detail you care to see in Access or Excel
  • Convert text files or data into different formats
  • Perform cash and bank reconciliations
  • Process market data and other real-time updates
  • Automate the E-mailing of report detail to counter parties and co-workers from Excel
  • Receive e-mail files and update systems with received data

Power BI Desktop - Data Modeling and Report Building

Power BI Desktop is a powerful tool for Enterprise Level Business Intelligence. As Power BI is a continually evolving Microsoft product, data analysts can spend hours trying to query data correctly, or even to display the correct results for analysis. Let our consultants help you identify methods to best model your data, correct or build DAX measures, and visual reports in Power BI Desktop,

Power BI Development can consist of:
  • Examining data sources and best practices for connecting to your data.
  • Identify the steps necessary for data transformation
  • Troubleshooting existing DAX measures when they do not summarize correctly
  • Create DAX measures used in Power BI Reports
  • Build interactive visual dashboards that can be loaded to the Power BI service, SharePoint Online, or even in Teams

Whether the need is to review and assist with an existing Power BI Report, or a turn-key solution. Our consultants are ready to work with you. Contact us today, and let us know how we can assist with your Power BI needs.

PowerPoint TrainingPowerPoint Assistance

If you need help preparing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, our PowerPoint specialists can help. Your team can provide the content, and we can help package it into a professional presentation, or just show you how to do it yourself. Contact us to discuss the details of your presentation and we'll let you know how we can help. Details

More Consulting Solutions

Spreadsheet Tune-Ups & Help over the WEB

Do you have massive workbooks that frequently break or perform in an unexpected manner? Do you have workbooks that are just too cumbersome to work with efficiently? Many Excel workbook problems occur due to design flaws, file corruption, or just plain neglect. Don't let a broken spreadsheet stop you from getting things done - improve your files today! If you're having spreadsheet problems or just need an Excel expert to help build functionality into a specific workbook, we can help. Depending on the problem, we may be able to help you via the web. Forward us an e-mail describing your question or problem, and we will get back with you on how we can help.

Roaming Consultants

If your team members use Microsoft Office heavily, a service we offer is our Train-By-Walking-Around (TBWA) approach. Our consultants move from Team Member to Team Member answering questions, providing training and offering time saving suggestions. Sometimes simple suggestions can really make a positive impact on your teams skill set. Also, in many cases, people won't ask a question because they're not sure who to ask or don't want to admit to lacking knowledge. Our consultants can help with these people, by working with them and answering questions in a supportive non-threatening manner. Contact us for details.




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