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Microsoft Project In-Depth
Managing Projects and Schedules

4-Day Boot Camp

This boot camp will help you get familiar with all the concepts and tools of Microsoft Project. Create Microsoft Project Plans from the start of the planning, all the way to the executing actuals and reporting of your projects.

Full Course Description:

This boot camp is designed specifically for business users who want to learn to use Microsoft Project at an advanced level. This course is designed to familiarize you with the different features and functions of Microsoft Project, from basic to advanced, so that you can use it effectively and efficiently in a real-world environment.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, you should have general knowledge of project management concepts.

What is included?
Hands-On Training Quick Reference Guides CPE Credits
Instructor-Led Courses Courseware Book Lunch
Email Support for Questions Practice Files Free Giveaways

Managing Projects and Schedules (4 Days)

Course Objectives:

You will learn to create and maintain project plans and the scheduling options
Manage personnel and track hours
Track and review cost and baselines
Manage float or slack time
You will learn to collaborate with other project managers by sharing resources and working with other Microsoft applications
Learn advanced scheduling features, resource loading capabilities, understand how Project reschedules uncompleted work
Use basic macros to repeat tasks and become more efficient in Project

Gantt Reports

  Day 1:
The Project Environment: The Ribbon Options, View Options, Quick Access Toolbar
Create and Modify Projects: Work with templates, start a new project plan, and modify existing project plans
Start a Project: Create, Assign, and Update a Project Calendar, Project Start/Finish Dates, Priority Levels
Manage Tasks: Work with Summary Task Outlining, Recurring Task, Link Dependent Tasks, Set Constraints, Deadlines, Add Notes, Identify Milestones and Critical Deliverables
Add and Manage Resources: Add Resources, Create a Resource Calendar, Assign Resources to Tasks, Enter and Manage Costs for Resources, Resolve Resource Conflict
Finalize the Project Plan Prior to Work Commencing: Display the Critical Path, Shorten the Project Duration, Set a Baseline, Print Project Reports
  Day 2:
Customize the Project Environment: Project Views, Gantt Chart Customizations, Custom Fields
  Manage Task Structures: Change a Task List, Create a Network Diagram, Manage the Critical Path, Use Lag and Lead Time, Set and Work with Multiple Baselines
Update a Project Plan with Actuals: Enter and View Task Progress and Completions, Enter Overtime Work, Split a Task, Edit and Reschedule a Task, Filter Tasks
  Work with Project Table: View and Work Different Tables, Create and Customize Tables
Manage Project Costs: Update Cost Rate Tables, Group Costs, Link Documents to a Project Plan, View Standard Cost Reports
  Day 3:
Work and Manage the Global Template Organizer: Calendars, Views, Tables, Fields, Reports
Organizing your Project Data: Sorting, Filtering, Grouping, Highlighting of data with in Project
Customize, Share and Reuse Project Plan Information: Create a Project Plan Template, Make Custom Items Available to Other Project Plans, Create a Master Project with Multiple Sub-Projects, Share Resources Across Projects, Modify Resource Pools
Advanced Scheduling: Schedule Overtime Work to shorten durations, Demonstrate 24 hour scheduling and how to work across multiple time zones, Use Task Calendars vs Project Calendar vs Resource Calendars
Advanced Options for Scheduling Uncompleted Work: Reschedule uncompleted work to the current Status Date, Split in Progress Tasks Option, Advanced Calculation Options for Project Task Options), Work Contours Types
  Day 4:
Concepts of Work: % Work Complete, % Complete, Actual Work vs Actual Durations, Fixed Work, Fixed Units, Fixed Durations
Earned Value Analysis: Physical % Complete, Fix Cost Fixed Cost Accrual Budgeted Cost of Work Performed
Exchange Project Plan Data with Other Applications: Use the Import and Export Tools, Create and Manage Visual Reports
Macros: Create Macros for automated tasks performed in MS Project and know different options for running a Macro
Create and Modify Custom Fields: With Texts, Number, Date Fields, Formulas, Look Up Table, and graphical Indicators
Work and Collaborate with other Applications: Outlook (Office 365, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio


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