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Microsoft Office® Excel:
Introduction to Excel Power BI Tools

2 Day Boot Camp Click Here to Register Today!

Learn the fundamentals of the Excel Power BI tools, such as Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Map, Power View and Power BI Desktop.

Full Course Description:

Have you spent hours trying to bring data from multiple sources into a single spreadsheet to analyze your data? This two day boot camp explores the fundamentals of data transformation and analysis using Power BI. Easily incorporate data from multiples sources and create powerful visual reports. You will learn to use the data model, build tables, charts, relationships, measures, hierarchies, KPI's, and drill downs of your data.

This Boot Camp is designed to provide an introduction to using the Power BI tools. As these are very powerrful Excel tools, you may need additional training to learn all of their capabilities.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend that you first take Excel Level 1, Level 2, and In-Depth PivotTables, or have equivalent knowledge and skills - such as knowledge of advanced features and functions.

What is included?
Hands-On Training Quick Reference Guides CPE Credits
Instructor-Led Courses Courseware Book Lunch
Email Support for Questions Practice Files Free Giveaways

Microsoft Office Excel: Introduction to Excel Power BI Tools (2 Days)

Course Objectives:

Introduction to Power BI using Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Maps, Power View and Power BI Desktop
Understand what the Data Model is and load data to the Data Model
Transform data in a query
Create relationships between data sources instead of using VLOOKUP
Add calculated columns and measures
Learn to analyze data in Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts created from Power BI Tools
Visualize data and create reports

  Day 1 - Class Times 8:30AM - 5:00PM
  Power Query
  Explore the Power Query/Get & Transform
Power Query in Excel 2013 vs Get & Transform
Identify Data Source Types Available for Import
  Connect to and Load Data using Power Query
Connect to Data Sources
Use Query Editor to View Data
Data Load Options and Query Navigation Panel
 Transform and Shape Data using Columns
Column Options in Query Editor
View and Modify Query Steps
Sort and Filter Data in Query Editor
  Group Data, Append and Merge
Group Data in a Column
Append Data from Two Queries
Merge Two Queries Together
  Aggregate Data and Analyze Data
Use Query Editor to Aggregate Data from a Column
Analyze Query Data in a Pivot Table


  Power Pivot
  Getting Started with Power Pivot
Explore the Power Pivot Application
Import Data from Various Data Sources
Refresh Data from a Data Source
Create Linked Tables
  Manipulating Power Pivot Data
Organize and Format Tables
Create Calculated Columns
Sort and Filter Power Pivot Data
Work with Table Relationships and the Data Model
 Creating Power Pivot Reports
Create PivotTables from Power Pivot
Create PivotCharts from Power Pivot
Filter Data Using Slicers
Present PivotTable Data Visually
  Introduction to DAX Measures in Power Pivot
Using Calculated Columns with Measures
Manipulate Power Pivot Data Using DAX Measures
  Distributing Power Pivot Data
Protect Reports
Manipulating Power Pivot Data Using DAX Measures
  Day 2 - Class Times 8:30AM - 5:00PM
  Power View
  Getting Started with Power View
Power BI Tools Overview
Enable the Power View Add-in
Power View Environment
Power View Components
Data Sources
  Tables in Power View
Add and Delete a Table
Modifying a Table
Table Types
Sort and Drill Down
 Power View Visualization
Format Tiles
Insert & Delete Slicers
Themes and Backgrounds
Insert Graphics & Text Boxes
  Report and Interact with Power View
Filter Options
Insert, Delete and Modify Charts
Chart Types
Drill Down on Charts
  Power BI Desktop
  Introduction to Power BI Desktop
Understand the Power BI Desktop Interface
Utilize the File Types; PBIX vs. PBIT
Examine Data Sources
Data Refresh
Working with Different Data Types
  Power Map
  Getting Started with Power Map
Power Map Overview
Power Map Environment
Data Source
Launch and Navigate Options through Power Map
  Create a Power Map
Create and Delete Tours
Scene Settings and Options
Add and Use Layers
Layer Manager
 Organizing the Source Data in Power Maps
Work with Tables and Filters
Field List Options
Mapping Options (Column, Bubble, Heat, and Region)
Value, Time, Categories
  Visualization for Power Maps
Work and Modify Themes
Map Display Options
Insert Graphical Contents (Charts, Text Boxes, Legends)
  Play Power Map
Run Power Map Tours
Copy a Power Map Tour
Export a Power Map to Video
Save Options

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