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microsoft word training pictureMicrosoft Word: Using Formulas in Word Tables


  • Tables with formulas.  Excel is not the only program in Microsoft Office that can perform calculations.  Tables in Word can do formulas just like Excel. 

Formulas in Word will allow your to perform some of the basic formulas just like Excel: Sum, Min, Max, Average, Count, etc.  and are able to use positional arguments (Left, Right, Above, and Below) with those formulas.


Download Sample File: FormulaSample.doc

1. Download our sample file and select the cell located to the right of the Total in the Unit Price Column.

Microsoft Word Tables with Formulas 1

2. Insert the Formula into the cell, by Selecting the Formula feature button.

    • 2007 and 2010 Users:

      In the Table Tools Contextual Tab, go to the Layout tab, in the Data group, Click on the Formula button.

    • 2003 Users:

      Go to the Table menu and select Formula.

    3.  In the formula dialog box, confirm that the Formula text box contains "=SUM(ABOVE)".

    Note: Formulas in word will work with (LEFT), (RIGHT), (ABOVE), or (BELOW).

    Microsoft Word Tables with Formulas 2

    4. Click OK. The Result should be $81.26.

    5. If you are familiar with Excel style cell referencing, you can use similar syntax in Word as well. See the example below.

Microsoft Word Picture 3



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