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microsoft powerpointMicrosoft PowerPoint: Easily Change Case


Can’t make up your mind on UPPER CASE, lower case, or Proper Case?  Just perform a few clicks to easily display these options.

By using the Change Case feature in PowerPoint, we have easy access to several different word case options, such as uppercase, lowercase, or proper case.


Download Sample File: ChangeCase.ppt

1. Open up PowerPoint or use our sample file.

2. Select a text box with text OR highlight the text that you want to change case to.

  • 2007 & 2010 Users:

    On the Home Tab, go to the Font group and click on the Change Case drop-down option.

    PowerPoint Tip Change Case 1

    Now, Select the case style you want.

  • 2003 Users:

    In the format menu, select Change Case.

    PowerPoint 2003 Tip Change Case 2

    In the Change Case dialog box, select the type of casing that you would like to apply to your text box, and click OK.

    PowerPoint 2003 Tip Change Case 3

3. That's it, experiment with each of the options.

Note: You can also use the keyboard shortcut [Shift+F3] to toggle through the case styles.


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