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Why EST?

Maximize Your Training DollarsMaximize Your Training Dollars With EST
We believe that the depth of our training program and our attention to your needs sets us apart from others in the computer training industry. Listed below are just a few of the reasons you can feel comfortable entrusting us with your training needs.
  • Affordable, Expert Training
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Flexible Training Options
  • Complimentary Refresher Courses & Follow-Up Support
  • First-Class Training Facilities
  • Professional Grade Courseware
  • Authorized CPE Provider
  • Authorized Certification Testing Center
  • Avoiding the Bounce


Training Class OptionsAffordable, Expert Training
Thousands of course participants have enhanced their skills through our hands-on business focused approach to training. Because we primarily specialize in Microsoft and Adobe applications, we are able to provide relevant expert instruction at affordable rates. We also offer group and multiple course discounts.

Training Class OptionsSmall Class Sizes
Don't get lost in the crowd. We believe that it's very important for each student to have time to ask questions and interact with the instructors. Because of this, we limit the size of our classes, so that the average class size is 10 students or less.

Training Class OptionsFlexible Training Options
We provide a variety of training options including: Full days or half days; on-site or off-site locations; public or private classes; individuals or groups; frequent public course offerings; fully customizable content, and more. Contact us to discuss your training needs or view our Training Services for details.

Training Class OptionsComplimentary Student Refresher Courses & Follow Up Support
We allow students attending one of our standard classes to retake the course without any additional charge. This refresher course allows you to take a course, return to the office and work with the application, and then come back to shore up your skills. In fact, it's very common for students to bring their own personal files with them to a refresher course, so they can ask the instructor for specific advice. Additionally, we provide students with free course related follow up support. Contact us to discuss the details of these great features.

Training Class OptionsFirst-Class Training Facilities
Our training rooms equipped with modern equipment and instructional tools. We regularly receive compliments on how professional and nice our training rooms are. We wanted to avoid the sterile, cold feeling that is associated with many training rooms, so we designed our training rooms with comfort in mind, from the modern equipment to the comfortable leather chairs and spacious desks.

Training Class OptionsProfessional Grade Courseware
With each training class, students receive their own copy of the courseware. The provided courseware is a great tool for reference and reinforcing the learning objectives. Each manual comes with sample exercises and access to practice files as well.

Training Class OptionsAuthorized Provider of CPE Hours
Use our training services to improve the computer skills of your accountants while providing them with the CPE hours they need. We are an approved CPE provider for the Texas State Board of Accountancy.

Training Class OptionsAuthorized Certification Testing
Employers know that exposure to an application does not always equal competency. EST provides a complete training solution which can help you acquire industry recognized certifications. Microsoft Specialist and IC³ Certifications offer you the opportunity to demonstrate application and computer literacy that accurately validates skills and productivity in the workplace.

Training Class OptionsFewer Reschedules
Avoid getting bounced. One of the most frequent complaints we hear from our customers regarding other training companies is how they constantly cancel or reschedule courses. Not at EST. That's because we look at things a bit differently. We truly value your time, so once we confirm your registration in a class we'll do our best to keep any schedule changes from occurring. But when the unexpected does happen, we've got one of the most customer friendly reschedule policies available. So if you've been bounced around by other training centers, contact us to discuss what makes us different.


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