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Using Microsoft® Office 365 Teams (Webinar) 3-Hours


Training Course Content: Learn how to Use Microsoft Teams to bring your team members together, stay in constant communication, share content, and collaborate more effectively from anywhere.

Course Objective: Students will get an overview of the application and identify how to create and modify Teams and Channels. In Teams, students will be introduced to adding, deleting and managing team members, starting conversations and chats, scheduling meetings, sharing files, all through real-time collaboration.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, each student should have a general knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office concepts.

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Lesson 1: Get Started with Teams

  • Teams Overview
  • Sign into Teams
  • The Teams Environment

Lesson 2: Teams and Channels

  • Create Teams and Team Channels
  • Add Members
  • Manage Teams and Members
  • Manage Channel
  • How to Join, Leave, Hide, or Delete a Team

Lesson 3: Team Conversations and Chats

  • Create and Read Messages
  • Message Options
  • Edit and Delete Messages
  • Use @Mentions

Lesson 4: Meetings

  • Meet on Demand
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Share Screen Options

Lesson 5: Share Files

  • Share Files in Teams
  • Collaborate and Edit Options for Files

Lesson 6: Work with other Applications

  • Customize Teams Tabs
  • Add Connector Apps

Lesson 7: Settings and Customizations

  • Profile Setting Options
  • Customize Notifications

Lesson 8: Search and Filter Options

  • Search Tools
  • Use Command Box and Quick Commands
  • Filter Options




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