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Introduction to Project Planning using Project Online
(Webinar) 3-Hours


Training Course Content: Learn how to use Project Online to interact and collaborate with other Project Managers in a browser.

Course Objective: In this webinar, you will be able to create and modify tasks and resources in Project Online. Learn how to share details about projects and collaborate in one centralized location. Update and generate status reports and work with schedule timelines.

Prerequisites: To ensure success, each student should have a general knowledge of Windows, web browsing and Microsoft Office concepts, but not required.

Contact us to discuss if this class is right for you.

Lesson 1: Get Started with Project Online

  • Project Online Web App Overview
  • Sign in to Project Online
  • Explore the Project Online Environment

Lesson 2: Create a Project Plan

  • Create and Modify a Project
  • Create a Project Template
  • Create a Project Tasks List in Project

Lesson 3: Work with Tasks

  • Add and Delete Tasks
  • Modify Tasks
  • Work with a Task Status

Lesson 4: Utilize Project Resources

  • Add and Remove Resources
  • Modify Resources
  • Create/Approve Engagements

Lesson 5: Work with a Schedule

  • Use a Project Online Schedule
  • Agile Task Boards in Project Online
  • Publish a Project

Lesson 6: Settings and Customizations

  • Work with Timelines
  • Work with Alerts and Reminders
  • Share a Project




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