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Microsoft® Office SharePoint 2010 for Users

Training Course Content

Course Objective: You will use, create, and edit content in a team site. You will also create and perform basic management of a team site using SharePoint 2010.

Prerequisites: You should have power-user familiarity with at least one Microsoft Office 2010 Application, and understand how to use others. Applications include Access, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. You should also have experience accessing information via a web browser.

Lesson 1: Getting Started with SharePoint 2010

Topic 1A: Understanding SharePoint Products, Features, Benefits
Topic 1B: Explore SharePoint Environment
Topic 1CDescribe the Site Interface Elements

Lesson 2: Working with Lists

Topic 2AAdd List Items
Topic 2B: Modify List Items
Topic 2C: Change List Views

Lesson 3: Creating and Working with Libraries

Topic 3A: Create a Document Library
Topic 3B: Edit and Delete Library Documents
Topic 3C: Share Documents Across Libraries

Lesson 4: Creating and Editing a Page

Topic 4A: Create a Page
Topic 4B: Edit a Page
Topic 4C: Delete a Page

Lesson 5: Create and Modify a Team Site

Topic 5A: Create a Team Site
Topic 5B: Customize the Look and Feel of a Site
Topic 5C: Customize Libraries and Lists
Topic 5D: Customize a Default Calendar
Topic 5E: Customize Pages using Web Parts

Lesson 6: Communicating with Team Members

Topic 6A: Participate in a Discussion Board
Topic 6B: Contribute to a Blog
Topic 6C: Collaborate via the People and Groups List
Topic 6D: Create Wiki Pages, Discussion Boards, and Blogs within Team Sites

Lesson 7: Customizing the SharePoint Environment

Topic 7A: Customize Personal and Regional Settings
Topic 7B:Personalize Page View with Web Parts
Topic 7C: Create an Alert
Topic 7D: Subscribe to an RSS Feed

Lesson 8: Collaborate with Microsoft Office

Topic 8A: Import from other Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Access, Word or PowerPoint)
Topic 8B: Export Data from SharePoint into other Microsoft Office Applications




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