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Microsoft® Office 2007/2010: Integrating Access with Excel (Using Access and Excel Together)

Course Summary: This course will help you use Access and Excel together. It answers the common questions of when should you use Access versus Excel, and when is a good time to use them together.  

Course Prerequisite: Students should have at a minimum an intermediate level skill set in both Access and Excel. Students should be familiar with building tables, queries, forms and reports as taught in our Access 1 & 2 courses. Students should also be familiar with sorting, filtering, and working with Pivot Tables, as taught in our Excel level 2 course. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to discuss if this course is right for you.

Delivery Method: instructor-led, group-paced, hands-on classroom training with activities. Handouts are provided for each student for after class reference.

  • Our standard class is currently taught using Office version 2007. If you are on version 2003 or prior, feel free to contact us to discuss if this course is right for you.

  • Private Corporate training can be taught using either version.
Training Course Content
  • Copying an Excel worksheet to an Access datasheet
  • Sharing data by linking to an Excel worksheet from Access
  • Moving data by importing Excel data into Access
  • Connecting to Access data from Excel
  • Using Access reports with Excel data
  • Using Access forms with Excel data
  • Filtering, sorting, and querying in Access is similar to Excel
  • Collecting data for Excel analysis by using Access
  • Doing a Mail Merge or creating labels
  • Combining Excel and Access with SharePoint technologies
  • Using Access data as the source for an Excel Pivot Table





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