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Excel Macros Boot Camp:
Excel VBA Macros for the Business User
(4.5 days)

Learn Excel Macro recording and programming concepts and skills. This course is designed and taught for the business user audience, not the professional techie. We take somewhat technical concepts and break them down into manageable and relevant topics specifically designed for the business user. If you have repetitive processes that you'd like to automate, this course can help you by enhancing your skills with Excel VBA Macros.

Training Course Overview and Highlights:

Excel Macros can be used to automate redundant tasks. In this class you will learn to automate tasks through recorded macros, custom forms and VBA code. Not only will you be recording macros, but you will also be working with and writing visual basic code. By the end of class, you should find that with some common VBA techniques, you can make macros do some pretty amazing things:

  • Intermediate and Advanced recording techniques for dynamic datasets
  • Fundamentals of Excel VBA, Objects, Properties and Excel Objects
  • Variables, Constants, Data Types, Object Variables and Array Variables
  • Loops: For Next Loops, Do Loops, For Each Loops
  • Effective Decision Making. IF THEN, AND, OR, and SELECT CASE
  • Error Handling and Prevention
  • Auto run macros with Workbook and Worksheet Events
  • Custom functions for use in Excel and VBA
  • Forms that act like a database by reading and writing to an Excel sheet, and that interact with the user.

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Excel 2013 Training Class Outlines:

Excel 2013 Level 1: Fundamentals of Excel
Excel 2013 Level 2: Intermediate Functions and Features
Excel 2013 Level 3: Advanced Tools and Collaboration Features
Excel 2013 Level 4: Advanced Formulas and Functions
Excel 2013 Level 5: Introduction To VBA Macros
Excel 2013 Level 6: Advanced VBA Macros




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