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Microsoft® Office Excel: Get & Transform (PowerQuery)

Training Course Content (1 Day)

Course Objective: In this class, we will delve into the benefits and features provided using Power Query. We will examine the options available within the ribbon, as well as explore and demonstrate importing, filtering, transforming, and merging data using Power Query or Get and Transform.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend that you first take Excel Level 1, Level 2, and In-Depth PivotTables, or have equivalent knowledge and skills - such as knowledge of advanced features and functions.

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Lesson 1: Explore the Power Query/Get & Transform

  • Power Query in Excel 2013 vs Get & Transform
  • Identify Data Source Types Available for Import
Lesson 2: Connect to and Load Data using Power Query
  • Connect to a Data Source
  • Create Queries from Excel, Access, a Website, Folder and More
  • Use Query Editor to View Data
  • Data Load Options and Query Navigation Panel

Lesson 3: Transform and Shape Data using Columns

  • Column Options in Query Editor
  • View and Modify Query Steps
  • Sort and Filter Data in Query Editor
  • Transform Date using Number, Date & Time, and Structured Columns
  • Pivot a Column

Lesson 4: Group Data, Append and Merge

  • Append Data from Two Queries
  • Merge Two Queries Together
  • Group Data in a Column
  • Manage the Queries Pane in Excel

Lesson 5: Aggregate Data and Analyze Data

  • Use Query Editor to Aggregate Data from a Column
  • Introduction to the Data Model
  • Analyze Query Data in a Pivot Table

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