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Microsoft® Office Project 2010: Level 3

Training Course Content

Course Objective: Students will learn to collaborate with other applications, take advantage of advanced scheduling features, utilize macros to repeat tasks and become more efficient in Project, as well as how Project reschedules uncompleted work.

Prerequisites: To ensure success in this course, you should be familiar with the material presented in Project: Level 1 and Project: Level 2.

Please note this class is currently taught using version 2013 due to the similarities between 2013 and 2016. Users of either version of Project should have no difficulties navigating in this class.

Lesson 1: Working and Collaborating with other Applications

  • Outlook (Office 365)
  • SharePoint
  • Visio

Lesson 2: Advanced Scheduling

  • Scheduling Overtime Work to shorten durations
  • Demo of 24 hour scheduling
  • How to work across multiple time zones
  • Using Task Calendars vs Project Calendar

Lesson 3: Earned Value Analysis

  • Physical % Complete
  • Fix Cost
  • Fixed Cost Accrual
  • Budgeted Cost of Work Performed

Lesson 4: Macros

  • Using Macros
  • Recording Macros

Lesson 5: Options for scheduling uncompleted work

  • Reschedule uncompleted work to the current finish date
  • Split in Progress Tasks Option
  • Advanced Calculation Options for Project
    • Move End, or Move Start
    • Multiple Critical Paths
    • Edits to Total Task Options
  • Work Contours
    • Types of Work Contours
    • Uses of Work Contours
    • Create Work Contours

Lesson 6: Concepts of Work

  • % Work Complete
  • % Complete
  • Actual Work vs Actual Durations
  • Fixed Work
    • Fixed Units
    • Fixed Durations

Lesson 7: Consolidating Projects

  • Working with projects that have Resource Pool
  • Updating Information in Resource Pool
  • Quit Sharing information in Resource Pool
  • Sharing of Calendars between projects and the Master Global template

Lesson 8: Setting Multiple Baselines

  • Comparing baselines
  • Creating and using different baseline

Lesson 9: Custom Fields

  • Using a Text Field
  • Using a Number Field
  • Using a Date field
  • Using Formulas in custom fields
  • Look up Table
  • Graphical Indicators

Lesson 10: Excel Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Reporting

  • Export Project to Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • S Curve Template

Lesson 11: Customizing the Project environment

  • Creating new tabs in the Ribbon
  • Creating New Groups and adding commands

Microsoft Project Training Course Outlines

Level 1 - Fundamentals
Level 2 - Intermediate
Level 3 - Advanced


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