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Microsoft® Office Project 2016: Level 1

Training Course Content

Course Objective: This course is designed to familiarize you with the basic features and functions of Microsoft Project Professional 2016 so that you can use it effectively and efficiently in a real-world environment. Students taking this course are responsible for managing projects in a work environment. This includes creating and maintaining project plans.

Prerequisites: Students enrolled for this course should have the following:

  • An basic understanding of project management concepts.
  • A basic familiarity with using Microsoft Windows and Office, such as browsing for files, opening, closing and saving files.

What's New in 2016: With Project 2016, you can leverage multiple timelines to illustrate different phases or categories of work, as well as set the start and end dates for each timeline separately. If you are working with Project Professional 2016 or Project for Office 365, connected to Project Online, you can take advantage of better control over resource scheduling. Identify features or actions you want to perform quickly using Tell Me.

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Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Project

Topic 1A: Identify Project Management Concepts
Topic 1B: Navigate the Microsoft Project 2016 Environment

Lesson 2: Defining a Project

Topic 2A: Create a New Project Plan
Topic 2B: Define a Project
Topic 2C: Assign a Project Calendar

Lesson 3: Creating and Organizing Tasks

Topic 3A: Add Tasks To a Project Plan
Topic 3B: Import Tasks From Other Programs
Topic 3C: Create a Work Breakdown Structure
Topic 3D: Define Tasks Relationships
Topic 3E: Schedule Tasks

Lesson 4: Managing Project Plan Resources

Topic 4A: Add Resources to a Project Plan
Topic 4B: Create a Resource Calendar
Topic 4A: Enter Costs for Resources
Topic 4B: Assign Resources to Tasks
Topic 4B: Resolve Resource Conflicts

Lesson 5: Finalizing a Project Plan

Topic 5A: Optimize a Project Plan
Topic 5B: Set a Baseline
Topic 5C: Share a Project Plan

Microsoft Project Training Course Outlines

Level 1 - Fundamentals
Level 2 - Intermediate
Level 3 - Advanced


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