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Microsoft® Office Excel: Advanced VBA Macros

Training Course Content

Course Objectives: This is the follow-up class to Introduction to VBA Macros.  In this class we continue using VBA to automate Excel tasks. Explore more fundamentals of Excel VBA including effective decision making, using worksheet events, debugging and error handling.

Prerequisites: Due to the technical content, Introduction to VBA Macros is required prior to enrolling in this course. Before taking this course, you should be comfortable recording macros, finding and editing macros as well as writing basic VBA code. You should also be aware that our VBA classes are somewhat technical in nature since they involve programming. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to discuss if this course is right for you.

Excel VBA Macros Training Course Content

  • More Fundamentals of Excel VBA: The Visual Basic Editor, Objects and Properties
  • Excel Objects: Object Hierarchy, Application, Workbook, Worksheet, and Range

  • Variables and Constants: Data types, Variable Levels and Declaring Variables

  • Loops: Types of Loops and Using Loops

  • Effective Decision Making: If/And/Or, Select Case

  • Workbook and Worksheet Events

  • Debugging and Error Handling: Error Handling and Prevention

  • Excel Worksheet Functions in VBA: Specific Examples

  • User Forms Introduction

Excel VBA Macros Course Outlines:

Introduction to VBA Macros (Excel Level 5)
Advanced VBA Macros (Excel Level 6)

Excel 2010 Training Class Outlines:

Excel 2010 Level 1: Fundamentals of Excel
Excel 2010 Level 2: Intermediate Functions and Features
Excel 2010 Level 3: Advanced Tools and Collaboration Features
Excel 2010 Level 4: Advanced Formulas and Functions

Excel Essentials Training Class Outlines:

Excel In-Depth: Charting Essentials
Excel In-Depth: PivotTable Essentials
Excel In-Depth: Advanced Excel Keyboarding
Excel In-Depth: PowerQuery Essentials
Excel In-Depth: PowerPivot Essentials


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