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Microsoft® Office Excel: Charting Essentials

Training Course Content (3.5 hours)

Course Summary: Present data graphically with various visually appealing charts, and analyze data through a variety of charting options. This course expands on the Charting skills introduced in our Excel Level 2 course.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend that you have previous experience with Excel formulas, data filtering, pivot tables, and basic charting. Students can obtain this level of skill through our Level 1 and 2 courses.

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Lesson 1: Inserting a Chart

Topic 1A: Navigate Chart Elements
Topic 1B: Select Chart Type
Topic 1C: Modify Data Range

Lesson 2: Enhanced Options

Topic 2A: Customize Through Ribbon
Topic 2B: Axis Options
Topic 2C: Series Options
Topic 2D: Insert Objects

Lesson 3: Advanced Formatting

Topic 3A: Double-Click Formatting
Topic 3B: Advanced Fill Options
Topic 3C: Copy/Paste to Clone or Format
Topic 3D: Editing the Data

Lesson 4: Tips for Success

Topic 4A: Clean Data and Data Layout
Topic 4B: Use the Select Data Box
Topic 4C: Filtering
Topic 4D: Properties/Protection

Lesson 5: Complicated Chart Types

Topic 5A: Create a Dual Axis Chart
Topic 5B: Create a Combination Chart
Topic 5C: Pie of Pie and Bar of Pie Charts
Topic 5D: Waterfall, Scatter and Radar Charts

Lesson 6: Preparing Chart for Use

Topic 6A: Working with Other Applications
Topic 6B: Linking vs Embedded
Topic 6C: Pivot Charts
Topic 6D: Printing Options

Excel 2010 Training Class Outlines:

Excel 2010 Level 1: Fundamentals of Excel
Excel 2010 Level 2: Intermediate Functions and Features
Excel 2010 Level 3: Advanced Tools and Collaboration Features
Excel 2010 Level 4: Advanced Formulas and Functions
Excel 2010 Level 5: Introduction To VBA Macros
Excel 2010 Level 6: Advanced VBA Macros




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