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Excel Boot Camp:
PivotTables & Dashboards

Create interactive management reports using PivotTables, PivotCharts, and other additional Excel features.

Full Course Description:

Do you want to learn more than the basics of PivotTables? Do you want to learn how to use PivotTables and other Excel Features to easily provide powerful analysis and reports?

In this course, students will go beyond the basics of PivotTables and PivotCharts to cover many lesser known PivotTable features, as well as tips and tricks every PivotTable user will want to know. Additionally, after enhancing the student's knowledge of PivotTables and PivotCharts, students will learn about other formulas and features that they can use to create interactive high-level management reports.

You will be able to import data from an external source into excel, create macros to make your cleaning up process faster, and visually represent complicated data into all kinds of interactive reports.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, each student should have a general knowledge of Excel PivotTables and basic Excel formulas. Feel free to contact us to discuss if this level is right for you.

What is included?
Hands-On Training Quick Reference Guides CPE Credits
Instructor-Led Courses Courseware Book Lunch
Email Support for Questions Practice Files Free Giveaways

Session 1: PivotTables and PivotCharts (2 Days)

Course Objectives:

You will learn advanced, in-depth features of PivotTables
Tips, tricks, and shortcuts
Create and enhance PivotCharts for powerful visual reporting
Filter data using Slicers and Timeline tools to make your reporting interactive
Use PivotTable specific formula to quickly summarize and extract your PivotTable data

  Day 1:
Review best practices and rules to create PivotTables
Clean up data process
Insert and modify PivotTables from different data sources
Customizing and designing PivotTables
Working with the PivotTable Tools, Options, and Settings
Group Pivot data
Sorting Pivot data
  Day 2:
Analyzing a PivotTable
Use multiple Value Fields
Use Value Field Properties
Create and modify Calculated Fields and Items
Filtering a PivotTable (Slicers, Timeline)
Creating and modify Pivot Charts
Work with GetPivotData function

Session 2: Dashboards and Interactive Reporting (2 Days)

  Course Objectives:

You will create visual and interactive layouts  
Learn and review Best Practices
Link to external data using Excel’s importing tools
Clean-up imported data using basic Excel macros
Use sheet form controls and formulas to interact reports
Display Metrics and KPI’s using conditional formats
Use intermediate and advanced functions for ranking and summarizing source data

  Day 1:
Review best practices and guidelines to create Dashboards
Create and modify PivotTables from different data sources
Create and modify PivotCharts and Slicers
Tools and options use to Import data and link into Excel
Create, modify, and use Macros for the clean-up process
Create and modify filtering options using Slicers
  Day 2:
Create intermediate formulas for reporting
Use form controls in a worksheet
Apply conditional formatting rules to data
Make all reports interact and summarize your data
Create Dashboard Templates


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