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Excel Boot Camp:
Charting & Visual Reporting

Create visually appealing charts to analyze data using chart types such as column, bar, line, and pie charts. Additionally, learn to use advanced chart types like the bubble, waterfall, stock, surface, and radar charts.

Full Course Description:

Are your charts the same boring types that everyone uses, with little true representation of your data? Gain a deeper analysis of your data in this 2 day boot camp when you build charts using the type best suited to your data. Each of the different chart types in Excel 2010 and 2013 are explored, as well as best practices to format the numerous axes or labels so the results are understandable by your audience.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, each student should have a general knowledge of Excel features, navigation, and how to work with contextual tabs in the Ribbon. Feel free to contact us to discuss if this Boot Camp is right for you.

What is included?
Hands-On Training Quick Reference Guides CPE Credits
Instructor-Led Courses Courseware Book Lunch
Email Support for Questions Practice Files Free Giveaways

Charting and Visual Reporting Session 1 (1 Day)

Course Objectives:

You will learn methods for inserting a chart into a spreadsheet
Understand the different chart types, elements, and variations
Learn methods for formatting the elements and axis of the charts
Understand how to modify, add, and remove data series
Know the benefits of creating Sparklines to visually represent your data
Fix and troubleshoot formulas with error returns using functions
Work with SmartArt tools to graphically represent your data

  Day 1:
Create and modify different types of charts (Column, Bar, Pie, Line, Area)
Understand the types of charts that best fit your data sets ( Work with PivotTables and PivotCharts)
Customize and format your chart with different chart elements, properties, and Axis options
Create, modify, and format Sparklines
Create and modify visual reports using SmartArt tools
Learn to insert text box and linked cells
Create 2 types of charts in one and create a secondary axis

Advanced Charting and Visual Reporting Session 2 (1 Day)

Course Objectives:

Use more advanced types of charts by analyzing more complex data sets
Learn ways to represent data into chart forms using formulas (Histogram Report)
Utilize other Excel data tools to represent your data into chart forms
Analyze your data utilizing different types of Trendlines
Make use of your charts in PowerPoint, Visio, and SharePoint

  Day 2:
Create and modify advanced charts (Bubble, Stock, Pie-of-Pie, Radar, Waterfall)
Learn the advanced size and properties options of charts
Create advanced functions to represent chart-like reports (example: IF, REPT, ROUND)
Use conditional formatting tool to represent your data visually in chart-like forms
Learn how to create and manipulate different types of trendlines and error bars in a chart
Work with charts across Microsoft Office applications by linking the data


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