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Introduction to SharePoint (Webinar) 3-Hours


Training Course Content: Learn to use Microsoft SharePoint Online, a very powerful collaboration tool to help you organize files, share common resources, collaborate all in one single platform.

Course Objective: Students will learn to effectively work in SharePoint Team Sites, document libraries, and lists. See how the SharePoint Modern experience simplifies real-time collaboration, as well as sharing and file contribution.  Work other office applications within SharePoint Online for a seamless experience.

Prerequisites: To ensure success, each student should have a general knowledge of Windows, web browsing and Microsoft Office concepts, but not required.

Contact us to discuss if this class is right for you.

Lesson 1: Get Started with SharePoint Online

  • SharePoint Online Overview
  • Log in to SharePoint
  • Use the SharePoint Environment

Lesson 2: Interacting with SharePoint Sites

  • Access a SharePoint Site
  • Navigate across SharePoint Sites
  • Explore Different Types of Site Content
  • Search in the SharePoint Site

Lesson 3: Work Libraries and Documents

  • Upload and Create Documents
  • Open and Manage Documents
  • Save and Share Options
  • Collaborate and utilize Version Control

Lesson 4: Work with Lists

  • Add and Modify a List
  • Configure List Views
  • View Sort and Filter Options for a List

Lesson 5: Settings and Customizations

  • Edit your SharePoint Profile
  • Set the Sync Options
  • Overview of Permissions

Lesson 6: Overview of Working with other Microsoft Applications

  • Teams
  • OneNote
  • Power Automate and Flow
  • OneDrive for Business




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