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Introduction to Microsoft® Office 365
Forms and Power Automate
(Webinar) 3-Hours


Training Course Content:Learn how to use the Microsoft Office 365 applications Forms and Power Automate.

Course Objective: In this webinar, students will become familiar with the use of Forms and Power Automate in a web-based environment, as well as how to create modify interactive forms and workflows. Learn how to share results and details from forms and generate different reports. Collaborate with other Office 365 Applications through workflows using Power Automate.

Prerequisites: To ensure success, each student should have a general knowledge of Windows, web browsing and Microsoft Office concepts, but not required.

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Lesson 1: Get Started with Forms and Power Automate

  • Overview of Forms
  • Overview of Power Automate
  • Access Forms and Power Automate from Office 365

Lesson 2: Create and Modify Forms

  • Use Different Types of Forms
  • Create and Delete Forms
  • Modify Forms

Lesson 3: Analyze and Report Use Forms

  • Check Response Data from Completed Forms
  • Collect Summary Information
  • View Details for All Form Questions

Lesson 4: Work with Power Automate

  • Create and Modify Workflows
  • Workflow Actions and Conditions
  • Use Power Automate Templates

Lesson 5: Manage Approvals and Tasks in Power Automate

  • Power Automate Approvals
  • Approval Options
  • Approval Templates

Lesson 6: Working Together with these Tools

  • Share and Collaborate using a Form
  • Permissions and Sharing in a Power Automate Flow
  • Integration with other Office 365 Apps Overview




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