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Power BI Desktop - Dashboard Reports in 3-Hours


Training Course Content: Introduction to creating dashboard reports using Microsoft's Power BI Desktop application.

Course Objective: In this webinar, you will learn to connect to an Excel file, perform transformations to the data, and load the results to Power BI Desktop. Students will then view the Data Model, create a calculated column in data tables, and summarize data using a DAX measure. Finally, use the drag and drop/point and click interface to quickly build a dashboard with tables and charts.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, each student should have a general knowledge of Microsoft Office concepts and basic Excel formula creation.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Power BI Desktop

  • Introduce Power BI Desktop Reports
  • Explore Query Editor, Data Tables and Data Model
  • Demonstrate use of Power BI Online and App

Lesson 2: Data Transformation using Query Editor

  • Select Excel as a Source, and Connect using Navigator Pane
  • Explanation of Query Editor Features
  • Perform Basic Text and Numeric Transformations in Query Editor
  • Load Results to Power BI Desktop

Lesson 3: View Data Tables and Data Model

  • Examine Excel Data Results in Tables
  • Review Data Table Relationships versus VLOOKUP
  • Summarize Table Data using a Calculated Column
  • Summarize Data using a DAX Measure

Lesson 4: Power BI Reports and Visuals

  • Field Pane in Power BI
  • Visual Tile Pane in Power BI
  • Create a Table and Matrix Table
  • Create a Column, Line and Pie Visual
  • Quickly Format the Report using a Theme

Lesson 5: Publish a Power BI File

  • Demonstrate Publishing to Power BI Online
  • View Power BI Reports in the Cloud




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