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Microsoft® Office Access: Level 5
Introduction to SQL in Access and VBA

Training Course Content

Course Objective: Learn basic SQL syntax and enhance your Access databases by using SQL in Access queries, form filters, and VBA code. This is an essential skill set for any Access Power User. 

Course Prerequisite: Due to the advanced nature of this course's content, we require students to have taken Access level 4 prior to enrolling. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to discuss if this course is right for you.

Delivery Method: Instructor-led, group-paced, hands-on classroom training with activities. Additionally, manuals are provided for each student for after class reference.

  • Our standard class is currently taught using Access version 2013. Advanced Users on previous versions should not have difficulties navigating in this class since the SQL and VBA feature is easily accessible in all versions.

  • Private Corporate training can be taught using either version.

Lesson 1: Understanding SQL statements and advanced SQL queries

Topic 1A: Create a query in design view and view the query in SQL view
Topic 1B: Examine a few main clauses from a SQL statement including FROM, ORDER BY, WHERE, HAVING, TOP
Topic 1C: Write a SELECT query using SQL Language
Topic 1D: Add the ORDER BY clause to the SELECT query
Topic 1E: Add a WHERE clause to the SELECT query
Topic 1F: Use the WHERE clause as a join

Lesson 2: Understanding SQL action statements

Topic 2A: Create a query using design view then copy the SQL code and use it as a subquery
Topic 2B: Write a CREATE TABLE query using SQL Language
Topic 2C: Write an INSERT query using SQL Language
Topic 2D: Write an UPDATE query using SQL Language
Topic 2E: Write a DELETE query using SQL Language

Lesson 3: Create SQL only queries in Access

Topic 3A: Create a UNION & a UNION ALL query
Topic 3B: Discuss pass-through queries for networked SQL Servers

Lesson 4: SQL and its uses in forms & reports

Topic 4A: Create a form/report and update its record source using a SQL statement
Topic 4B: Change the filter property of a form/report by adding a SQL statement to it
Topic 4C: Create a combo box or a list box and update the row source with a SQL statement

Lesson 5: Using SQL commands in VBA code

Topic 5A: Use the DoCmd.RunSQL method in VBA to run queries from code
Topic 5B: Create a filter for a form using SQL in VBA
Topic 5C: Create a filter for a report using SQL in VBA

Lesson 6: Creating and using Recordsets in VBA code

Topic 6A: Create and initialize a Recordset object
Topic 6B: Use the Find and FindNext method of the object
Topic 6C: Loop through a Recordset object

Lesson 7: Working with calculations in queries

Topic 7A: Create aggregate functions in queries
Topic 7B: Create calculated fields in queries

Access 2016 Training Class Outlines:

Level 1 - Fundamentals
Level 2 - Intermediate
Level 3 - Advanced 1
Level 4 - Advanced 2
Levels 1 - 4 (PDF Document)




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