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Practical Leadership

Training Course Content

Course Objective: You will learn practical leadership skills to become an effective leader in your organization.

Prerequisites: You should possess experience working in an organization as an individual contributor or possibly as a manager.

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Lesson 1: Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Leader

Topic 1A: Define Leadership
Topic 1B: Identify Your Leadership Style
Topic 1C: Redefine Your Role

Lesson 2: Developing an Effective Team

Topic 2A: Develop an Effective Team
Topic 2B: Coach for Performance
Topic 2C: Influence for Results
Topic 2D: Empower Your Team Members
Topic 2E: Lead Your Team Through Organizational Change

Lesson 3: Leading Different Types of Teams

Topic 3A: Work with Different Types of Teams
Topic 3B: Overcome Communication Barriers
Topic 3C: Overcome Issues Among Team Members

Lesson 4: Aligning Your Strategy for Business Results

Topic 4A: Identify Core Values
Topic 4B: Write a Vision Statement
Topic 4C: Establish a Mission
Topic 4D: Develop Goals




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