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Performance Management

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Course Objective: You will explore basic performance-management techniques. You will identify methods of developing talent, harnessing the engagement of team members, and offering training and coaching to individual team members through performance-management strategies. You will develop and implement performance standards, conduct performance appraisal conversations, and give appropriate feedback and coaching to individuals for their edification and the benefit of the team, department, and company.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. Taking the Coaching Essentials course is recommended.

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Lesson 1: Becoming the Manager of Choice

Topic 1A: Develop Talent
Topic 1B: Harness Engagement
Topic 1C: Onboard New Team Members

Lesson 2: Using Performance Management Skills to Improve Performance

Topic 2A: Identify Individual Performance Goals
Topic 2B: Discuss a Performance Appraisal
Topic 2C: Use Effective Interviewing Skills
Topic 2D: Provide Appropriate Feedback and Coaching

Lesson 3: Creating Performance and Development Plans

Topic 3A: Initiate the Performance Plan
Topic 3B: Create an Improvement Plan for Performance Problems
Topic 3C: Create a Development Plan for Career Growth




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