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Negotiating Skills

Training Course Content

Course Objective: You will perform the basic steps in a business negotiation.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisite skills for this course, however, you might be interested in the following related courses: Communication Skills, Business Presentations, and Business Writing: From Email to Proposals.

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Lesson 1: Preparing to Negotiate

Topic 1A: Establish a Successful Mindset
Topic 1B: Research the Other Party
Topic 1C: Determine the Value of the Item Being Negotiated
Topic 1D: Determine Where You’d Like Negotiations to Take Place
Topic 1E: Establish Your Best-and Worst-Acceptable Outcomes
Topic 1F: Research Your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

Lesson 2: Initiating Negotiation: Establishing the Ground Rules

Topic 2A: Establish Rapport
Topic 2B: Establish Your Status
Topic 2C: Choose the Communication Method for Negotiation
Topic 2D: Establish the Rules of Engagement
Topic 2E: Set a Timeline
Topic 2F: Establish How Negotiation Results Will Be Communicated and Implemented

Lesson 3: Negotiating

Topic 3A: Encourage the Other Party to Issue the First Proposal
Topic 3B: Ask for What You Need
Topic 3C: Counter the Offer or Proposal
Topic 3D: Accept an Offer or Abort Negotiations
Topic 3E: Work Through an Impasse

Lesson 4: Following Through

Topic 4A: Evaluate the Success of the Negotiation
Topic 4B: Follow Up on the Relationship

Lesson 5: Negotiating in Special Circumstances

Topic 5A: Cross-Cultural Negotiation
Topic 5B: Cross-Generational Negotiation
Topic 5C: Negotiation with Supervisors and Subordinates




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