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Course Objective: You will identify your mentoring goals and clarify what you hope to accomplish through mentoring, determine the type of mentoring method that will best suit your goals, explore ways of nurturing others' hidden talents, and consider some of the best methods for formally closing a mentor relationship.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Lesson 1: Identifying Your Mentoring Goals

Topic 1A: Identify Your Goals for Mentoring Others
Topic 1B: Identify Your Goals for Seeking a Mentor

Lesson 2: Developing Mentoring Relationships

Topic 2A: Begin the Mentor Relationship
Topic 2B: Develop the Mentor Relationship
Topic 2C: Nurture Untapped Talent

Lesson 3: Closing the Mentor Relationship

Topic 3A: Share What You Know
Topic 3B: Leverage Your Networks
Topic 3C: Close the Mentor Relationship




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