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Leading from the Front: Being a Leader in All You Do

Training Course Content

Course Objective: You will apply the seven fundamental leadership practices of Lead Star.  This course is for anyone who wants to develop or improve their leadership skills and influence outcomes more effectively in their organization, home, or community.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisite skills needed for this course. Students only need the desire to become more effective at influencing outcomes and inspiring others.

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Lesson 1: Applying Seven Leadership Fundamentals

Topic 1A: Meet and Exceed Performance Standards for Great Success
Topic 1B: Project Confidence by Realizing Your Capabilities
Topic 1C: Make Decisions to Make Progress
Topic 1D: Meet the Needs of Those Around You
Topic 1E: Inspire Others by Becoming Accountable
Topic 1F: Harness Your Emotions for Success
Topic 1G: Reveal Your Best, Authentic Self




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