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Getting the Results Without the Authority Training Course Content

Training Course Content

Course Objective: This course offers strategies to build relationships, identify the key people you will need to help complete your project, ask them for the assistance that you need, and orchestrate the process of moving your project forward to completion.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Lesson 1: Building Relationships

Topic 1A: Lay Groundwork
Topic 1B: Establish Rapport With Associates by Helping Them
Topic 1C: Establish Your Credibility

Lesson 2: Creating a Strategy to Get Results

Topic 2A: Justify a Business Need
Topic 2B: Build a Plan Around Your Company’s Culture

Lesson 3: Getting What You Need from Others

Topic 3A: Prepare to Approach Others for Help
Topic 3B: Ask for What You Need
Topic 3C: Orchestrate Your Plan
Topic 3D: Reward Contributors

Lesson 4: Completing the Project by Yourself

Topic 4A: Justify Completing the Project by Yourself
Topic 4B: Manage the Consequences of Completing the Project by Yourself




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