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Effective Management

Training Course Content

Course Objective: You will explore the fundamental concepts of effective management.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisite skills for this course; however, you might be interested in the following related courses: Problem-Solving Skills, Negotiating Skills, Business Presentations, Advanced Communication Skills, and Creating and Maintaining a Life Balance.

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Lesson 1: Developing as a Manager

Topic 1A: The Role of an Effective Manager
Topic 1B: Personal Skills Development

Lesson 2: Communicating Successfully

Topic 2A: Speak Without Talking
Topic 2B: Manage Better By Listening
Topic 2C: Assert to Achieve

Lesson 3: Creating Successful Solutions

Topic 3A: Identify the Core Problem
Topic 3B: Solve Problems Creatively
Topic 3C: Implement Solutions Decisively

Lesson 4: Empowering Your Workgroup

Topic 4A: Delegate For Results
Topic 4B: Coach for Achievement
Topic 4C: Evaluate Staff Performance

Lesson 5: Cultivating Great Teams

Topic 5A: Create an Invincible Team
Topic 5B: Inspire Team Success
Topic 5C: Team Briefings for Success
Topic 5C: Resolve Conflicts Positively




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