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Customer Service

Training Course Content

Course Objective: You will explore the background and techniques of customer interactions.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Lesson 1: The Value of Customer Care

Topic 1A: Understand Customer Care
Topic 1B: Customer Care and Motivation
Topic 1C: Standing Out with Customer Care

Lesson 2: Customers Define Success

Topic 2A: Trends in Customer Service
Topic 2B: The Customer Care Equation

Lesson 3: You Make the Difference

Topic 3A: The Human Touch
Topic 3B: Applying the Human Touch

Lesson 4: Customer Relationships

Topic 4A: Face-to-Face Contact
Topic 4B: Follow Up on the Relationship
Topic 4C: Benefits of Active Listening
Topic 4D: The Value of Complaints
Topic 4E: The Service Recovery Process

Lesson 5: Who is the Customer?

Topic 5A: Customer Relationship Management
Topic 5B: Internal Customers
Topic 5C: Value Chain Management

Lesson 6: Engage Difficult Customers

Topic 6A: The Unreasonable Customer
Topic 6B: The Angry Customer
Topic 6B: The Unhelpful Colleague

Lesson 7: Increasing Customer Loyalty

Topic 7A: Moments of Truth
Topic 7B: Analyze Moments of Truth

Lesson 8: Increase Sales via Service

Topic 8A: Sales Orientation
Topic 8B: Features and Benefits
Topic 8C: The Nature of Persuasion




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