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Coaching Essentials

Training Course Content

Course Objective: You will establish a coaching relationship with the coachee, use appropriate skills for conducting the coaching conversation, and be able to create, monitor, and modify the coaching action plan.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisite skills for this course, however, you might be interested in the following related courses: Motivating Employees, Change Management for Managers, Managing Conflict, and Performance Management.

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Lesson 1: Establishing the Coaching Relationship

Topic 1A: Observe Performance Before Beginning to Coach
Topic 1B: Initiate the Coaching Relationship

Lesson 2: Conducting the Initial Coaching Conversation

Topic 2A: Practice Active Listening Skills
Topic 2B: Determine the Coaching Approach
Topic 2C: Have the Initial Coaching Conversation

Lesson 3: Executing the Action Plan

Topic 3A: Create the Action Plan
Topic 3B: Modify the Action Plan
Topic 3C: Recognize That Goals Have Been Met




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