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Appraising Performance

Training Course Content

Course Objective: Appraising Performance provides an overview of the basics of conducting performance appraisals. The class provides guidelines and best practices for evaluating and improving the work performance of employees, thereby increasing quality and productivity.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Lesson 1: Establishing Performance Expectations

Topic 1A: Appraise Performance
Topic 1B: Manage Performance
Topic 1C: Establish Performance Expectations

Lesson 2: Writing a Performance Appraisal

Topic 2A: Avoid Common Performance Rating Errors
Topic 2B: Gather Appraisal Information
Topic 2C: Rate Performance
Topic 2D: Ensure Legal Compliance

Lesson 3: Preparing for the Appraisal Discussion

Topic 3A: Prepare the Individual
Topic 3B: Arrange the Logistics
Topic 3C: Prepare Yourself

Lesson 4: Conducting the Performance Appraisal Discussion

Topic 4A: Discuss Your Ratings and Comments
Topic 4B: Resolve Performance Problems
Topic 4C: Cope with Discussion Difficulties
Topic 4D: Plan for the Future

Lesson 5: Preparing for the Appraisal Discussion

Topic 5A: Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Appraisal Discussion
Topic 5B: Communicate Frequently
Topic 5C: Provide Ongoing Feedback and Coaching

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